Cashew stories

Where are cashews cultivated? How are they processed? In which conditions? What about the environmental aspects? These are questions that more than 73% of European consumers cannot answer. Consumers in Europe and Northern America are very poorly informed of the cashew value chain, despite their excellent appreciation of the product.

Thus, many are not aware that hundreds of thousands of people in Africa and Asia rely on this commodity to make a living. Farmers, processors, traders and retailers work daily to provide cashews to Western consumers because, except in India, local consumption in the producing countries is very low.

At Cornhouse, we believe that this unique value chain is full of interesting stories. We have decided to share some of them. Our goal is to inform the consumers about cashew consumption’s specificities and create connections between consumers and the chain actors.

Antoine Kouadio N’Bri

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Ms Cashew, Sir Peanut

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