European cashew products

European cashew products

Processing cashew kernels into various cashew products, reflecting the diversity of European consumers
Cashew kernels can be processed into many different types of products. An overview of nine products made out of cashew kernels and available on the European market is presented below.

Some are widely known and appreciated by European consumers, others, like cashew oil, are barely available on the market and almost not known by the consumers. Overall, cashews are appreciated for their taste, their nutritional values but also because of their practical aspects: since most products are dry they have a long shelf life, making them easy to store.

The least known cashew products are nevertheless gradually adopted by more and more consumers because they are a great source of vegan proteins. Therefore, they can be used for cooking vegan dishes or, like other products, as a snack.

Click on each product below to get more information about the processing methods and the possible use of the product. 

Raw cashews

Ingredients / Processing
Cashew kernels can be sold and consumed as such. However, before they arrive on the shelves of the supermarket or on the market stands, they must be packaged in smaller quantities.

Raw cashews can be eaten as such but can also be used for cooking, for example in curries. They are the base ingredient for homemade cashew milk and cashew butter and also widely used in vegan recipes. Consumers appreciate their nutritional values and healthiness.
Recipes with raw cashews

Roasted cashews

Ingredients / Processing
Roasting is a cooking method that uses dry heat (at least 150°C) to cover the food evenly on all sides. It can be done with an open flame, an oven, or another heat source. It gives cashew nuts a browner color, as well as both a crusty and a soft texture. Imprecisely, ‘roasting’ can also refer to the frying of the cashews in oil, giving them a more intense color and a fatter feeling. Salt and seasoning might be added to enhance the taste.

Roasted nuts (salted or not) can be consumed as such or included in cooked meals. For instance, they are a very common ingredient in Indian recipes. This product seems to be the most appreciated type of cashew product in Europe. Nutritional values vary largely depending on the type of roasting method and seasoning added.
Recipes with roasted cashews

Mix of nuts

Ingredients / Processing
A common snack in Europe is a mix of nuts. Cashews are then mixed in the same package with other nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, etc. In this type of product, cashews can be found raw or roasted. The mix can be raw or salted or even seasoned with different flavors. Most of the time, this type of mix is prepared by a retailer or the seller.

This product is usually consumed as a snack. Mixes of nuts are appreciated for their taste but also their diverse and rich nutrient content. Their price can also be advantageous because cheaper nuts are mixed with more expensive ones such as cashews. Consumers can then sometimes have access to cashews for a cheaper price/kilo.

Cereals with cashews

Ingredients / Processing
Cereals including nuts are usually considered healthier than cereals simply made out of extruded and coated elements. In this product, cashews are mixed with other nuts, muesli, and/or extruded ingredients. Because it usually contains highly transformed products (e.g. extruded products), cereals are usually available in pre-made packages. It can also be made at home, for instance, like granola.

Cereals are a common type of breakfast or snack. They are appreciated for their nutritional values, the nutrients they contain, as well as the energy they provide.
Recipes with cereals

Candy bars with cashews

Ingredients / Processing
Candy bars are cooked products made out of nuts and/or cereals, and binding ingredients. They can be made at home but industrial products are widely available in supermarkets. Each bar is packaged individually. There are many different types of recipes that can contain more or fewer cashews. As an example, dates are often combined with cashews as their flavors combine well.

Candy bars are usually consumed as snacks because they contain large amounts of calories, therefore providing enough energy to practice physical activity or satisfy hunger until the next meal.
Recipes with candy bars

Cashew milk

Ingredients / Processing
Cashew milk is a vegan and lactose-free alternative to dairy milk. It can be produced industrially or at home. To prepare it, cashews are first soaked in water for a few hours. After that, the soaked kernels are drained and then blended to obtain a white liquid that looks almost exactly like cow milk. According to taste, the product can be slightly salted and/or sweetened to enhance the flavor. Flavoring, such as vanilla might also be added.

Appreciated for its high nutritional values and specifically, protein content, cashew milk can be drunk as such, used for cooking, or added to coffee for instance.
Recipes with cashew milk

Cashew butter

Cashew butter can be made out of roasted and then blended cashews. At the industrial level, ingredients for conservation and coloring might be added. But home-made, cashew butter can be kept safely for 1 month out of the fridge, in a cool and dry place.
Recipes with cashew butter

Cashew cheese

Cashew cheese spread can be used for dipping ingredients such as vegetables. It is appreciated because it is a vegan source of proteins. It is made out of raw cashews, yeast, and a selection of ingredients and spices that vary according to the recipe.
Recipes with cashew cheese

Cashew oil

Cashew kernel oil can be used for cooking or as a beauty product. It is obtained by crushing the kernels thanks to a hydraulic or mechanical press. Therefore, cashew oil is generally produced industrially. This product is barely present on the European market.
Recipes with cashew oil

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