Highlights of the World Peanut Meeting July 2020

Highlights of the World Peanut Meeting July 2020

Visualize the main information discussed during the World Peanut Meeting held in July 2020 by the Argentinian Peanut Chamber with our infographic.

Recently, the Argentine Peanut Chamber (Cámara Argentina del Maní) published a special edition of its newsletter with a summary of what was discussed during the World Peanut Meeting that was held in July 2020. In the infographics below, we gathered the highlights of the presentations.

Click here for the full summary by the Argentine Peanut Chamber.

Quote about peanut supply
Quote about peanut demand

They conclude their report with the following quote:

Supply and demand seem to be balanced, especially in the main markets for peanuts for human consumption. Fortunately, demand growth in Russia, Europe and the United States recently was aligned with production growth in exporting countries. This balance may be impacted by weather conditions on the supply side and the post-pandemic scenario on the demand side, two factors that must be considered in the forthcoming months.

All the information in this post comes from a report of the Argentine Peanut Chamber. To access their full report in English click here.

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