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Pecans market update August 2020

Pecans market update August 2020

After two years of low production in the US, this year’s pecan crops seem promising. Many fruits are developing, and thinning might even be necessary for certain regions. 241.5 million lbs are expected in the US. However, hurricane season has not started yet and could have a major impact on production.
As expected, pecan trade is also affected by Covid-19. Prices are decreasing because demand is slower. It is particularly noticeable with the demand from China to South Africa that is particularly low this year.

Political issues between China and the US are rendering trends hard to predict. Trade of pecans between the two countries seems unlikely.

Overall sales have increased by about 8% compared to the same period last year.

In Brazil, this year’s production is low because of drought. However, prices are remaining stable at the moment and shipments are still possible.

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